Tuesday, May 30, 2017

The One Where Everyone Cries

"'Manuma, what are your favorite kind of lays?" "I like any kind of flower leis and money leis...oh you meant the chips?" #gohome #polyAF #FreshOffTheBoat 

I'm so sorry y'all for being M.I.A these past few weeks. My life has been so crazy! And the Adversary has definitely been working on me lately, so I apologize. Anyways, here is my two/three week update:

> We had Sister Belnap's funeral because she is dying. (Aka stupid mission jargon meaning she is going home this transfer.)

> Exchanges. Exchanges. Exchanges. I've basically been in Baton Rouge this whole time. 

> Prez and Sister Hansen are also "dying" so they had their last conferences with us before they go home and we get a new Prez!

> We FINALLY had investigators at church! #thechurchistrue

> I touched a live frog


> It's been a year since I graduated. Wait. What.

> We met a lady who has 24 siblings but didn't even have her own tv show

> My sister is having a GURL

> We got locked out of our car.
> Two days later we had a waterballoon fight outside in the rain and got locked out of the chapel with no shoes, phones, or car keys.

> I had my first zone conference! Best quote ever from Prez Hansen (on trying to get to heaven and you make one mistake) "Doggonit you're damned." + I had to say the prayer!

> We had 11 kids in primary and 9 of them were investigators!


> We thought we were getting pulled over but really he thought we were just a missing Asian girl.

> Got told I was "white on the outside but black on the inside" #thx

Our district is getting split apart, which is so sad cause they are the raddest. Sister Belnap is going home, Elder Wright and 
Elder Flores are being transferred as well.

Also on a more serious note, Sister Manuma had a loss in her family and is having a very hard time. Prayers would be much appreciated!

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