Thursday, August 10, 2017

The One With The Goodbyes

Quote of the Week: (from an elder)
"I'm effing allergic to bees!" 

Hey Y'all!
I don't even know what this week was.
Turns out I am not going to be in a trio after all! 

This week we had to say a few goodbyes. Sister Ferre that I have served around my whole mission went home and a couple of elders. Also someone that has come out and taught with us a lot, Nicky, left to serve his mission in Korea. 
I did service for the Louisiana State Museum. They have all of the library from New Orleans in their basement. BOXES AND BOXES of books! All from when Hurricane Katrina hit. We went and archived books for hours. It was actually super interesting! We had to wear masks and gloves. It was very official. We found this book from the 1880's and it was basically ruined. But it was braille! It was the coolest book ever! They have archived hundreds of boxes since Katrina and they are still not done. That is 7 years worth of labor! 

But this week I wanted to focus on someone we are teaching. 
His name is Jack. He is a 29 year old man from South Africa who lost his fiancee in a car accident. Since then, he has been drinking himself to death. He is stuck in a dead end job and truly believes that there is no point in his life, or life in general. Jack is the smartest person I have ever met and cares for his dog, Maleficent (or Millie) more than he cares about anything else. My companion, Sister Hurd, met Jack in November of 2016. She got transferred out. Since then he has gotten into anti upon anti online. He knows more about our church than any other person. But for some reason he has never run away. He even gave us an 84 page booklet of anti that he ordered online. (which I have read and none of it is valid btw) But now Sister Hurd is back, with me. He stays and listens to the lessons we have to teach. Jack's job is the reason why he chooses unhealthy ways to deal with his problems. He has attended a 12 step program with us. We made a promise with Jack that if we found him a job that he would quit everything cold turkey. The next day we found him 3 job opportunities. We have yet to hear but I will keep you updated. 
The point of this biography on Jack, is I need some help. On Sunday, we shared "hard-day scriptures" or scriptures that we use to get us through our hard times. I am trying to compile a list to help give Jack some hope for his life. And I am recruiting y'all! This is your opportunity to be a missionary! (YAY)

To start things off here is mine. 
Doctrine and Covenants 45:62 "For verily I say unto you, great things await you."
❤Sister Kezos

I love y'all! Now please help me help Jack!

(This is Louis Armstrong's!)

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

The One With The Dolls

Quote of the week (and new life philosophy):
*drinking root beer out of wine glasses "I don't understand why you have to drink alcohol to be able to drink out of pretty glasses."

Hey Y'all!
Super crazy week, lemma tell ya! A sister in the mission lost some family members unexpectedly and had to fly home for the services, so she came to be in a trio with the other sisters in our apartment. SO THERE ARE 5 PEOPLE LIVING IN OUR APARTMENT. But it is just for a week, then she goes back, and then Sister Ferre goes home. Then Sister Uibel, Sister Hurd, and I are going to be in a trio for 3 weeks. This is going to be an adventure! 

Anyways, after I signed off last week we went to the Baton Rouge Old State Capitol. The view was insane! 
The man who built it was actually murdered inside and they still have a bullet hole (cool fact!)

Last week we were looking at a map of Baton Rouge (to find out where some members live) and a sister found some tiny writing and it said The Enchanted Doll Museum. So obviously we were totally interested. So we went to visit it. Turns out it has been closed for over a year. And for some reason, being the missionaries that we are, we knocked on the door. Twice. And someone actually opened the door. They told us they were having an estate sale that weekend and so we offered to help. (never turn down a service opportunity) So they gave us a tour, and it is totally haunted. They had hundreds of dolls. and So many creepy ones. And we went back throughout the week to help as well. I know way too much about dolls now. I'm not going to put pictures because I don't want y'all to get haunted or something. 

Then on Sunday we got to have dinner with Elder Bluth's wife (area seventy!) She was so sweet.

Sorry this is so short, Love y'all!
Sister Kez