Saturday, April 29, 2017

The One With The Boudin Festival

There are a lot of different seasons here in LA: crawfish, lovebug, but best of all its FESTIVAL SEASON!
We have festivals every week for the next 3 weeks so its gonna be LIT! (do people even still say lit?)

This week was the Boudin (boo-DAN) Festival in Scott, LA.
If you have never heard of boudin look it up but don't throw up. It sounds nasty but is actually not bad. ​

I also ate fried alligator.
They had a band called Bag of Donuts. Coolest band ever. (But they didn't have merch so that was dumb. Can you imagine how cool the tee shirts would be for Bag of Donuts?!) And they played my kinda music. Super apostate but that's beside the point. If you can't avoid it enjoy it. Amiright, sistersss? We danced so much and I'm pretty sure all the drunk people thought we were drunk. But we are just drunk on Jesus' love!
Also there was this 9 year old kid who was getting it! He danced with us all night and then at one point we were just watching him and a crowd gathered and they even threw money at him!
holler for that dollar.
We gave his grandparents a pass along card and I'm pretty sure they can be converted.
Also wish I got a video of Sister Manuma fa'umu but I didn't but just know it was fantastic. 

The church is so true and Louisiana can get down!

Till next week and the next festival,
Sister Kezos

Sunday, April 23, 2017

The One with the Catfish

I'm finally in the mish! It's been a CRAY couple of weeks. 
I'm just here to update:
I ate fried catfish, shrimp ettouffee, and crawfish ettouffee.
Plz pray for me because the Lord is testing me. He put me right in the middle of Cajun Country.

We committed our investigator, Williams, to be baptized May 27th! He is definitely Cajun that's for sure.
I'm kind of scattered so this will be quick. 
My companion is literally Moana.

Sister Kezos