Tuesday, May 30, 2017

The One Where Everyone Cries

"'Manuma, what are your favorite kind of lays?" "I like any kind of flower leis and money leis...oh you meant the chips?" #gohome #polyAF #FreshOffTheBoat 

I'm so sorry y'all for being M.I.A these past few weeks. My life has been so crazy! And the Adversary has definitely been working on me lately, so I apologize. Anyways, here is my two/three week update:

> We had Sister Belnap's funeral because she is dying. (Aka stupid mission jargon meaning she is going home this transfer.)

> Exchanges. Exchanges. Exchanges. I've basically been in Baton Rouge this whole time. 

> Prez and Sister Hansen are also "dying" so they had their last conferences with us before they go home and we get a new Prez!

> We FINALLY had investigators at church! #thechurchistrue

> I touched a live frog


> It's been a year since I graduated. Wait. What.

> We met a lady who has 24 siblings but didn't even have her own tv show

> My sister is having a GURL

> We got locked out of our car.
> Two days later we had a waterballoon fight outside in the rain and got locked out of the chapel with no shoes, phones, or car keys.

> I had my first zone conference! Best quote ever from Prez Hansen (on trying to get to heaven and you make one mistake) "Doggonit you're damned." + I had to say the prayer!

> We had 11 kids in primary and 9 of them were investigators!


> We thought we were getting pulled over but really he thought we were just a missing Asian girl.

> Got told I was "white on the outside but black on the inside" #thx

Our district is getting split apart, which is so sad cause they are the raddest. Sister Belnap is going home, Elder Wright and 
Elder Flores are being transferred as well.

Also on a more serious note, Sister Manuma had a loss in her family and is having a very hard time. Prayers would be much appreciated!

Sunday, May 14, 2017

The One With The InvestiGATORS

"How did they do it in High School Musical?" "They took it individually not with each other." "NO THEY DIDN'T" *Elder McCormies on the High School Musical jumping picture.

Weird things I ate this week:
*Crawfish Fettucine
*Tobasco Icecream
*Frog legs

After signing off last week, our district headed to Avery Island. Avery Island is home to the Tobasco factory...and a random Buddha statue. Anyways, Tobasco needs to chill cause they have everything: tobasco guitars, tobasco soda, if you can think it they had it. Also tobasco stinks. Like bad. 
But we were hooligans with the giant tobasco bottles #thugmormons

Then we went to the rest of Avery Island. AND I FINALLY SAW MY FIRST ALLIGATOR, #CRIKEY by the end, I saw like 5! Since we have an Aussie in our district, we had him be our tour guide. 
"They are just sitting in the water... uh, I don't really know that much about alligators." 
We hiked to the Buddha statue, Elder Cohen was singing Reflection of course. It seriously looked like we were in Japan. 
We tried like 80000X to take a jumping picture, (hence the quote at the top.) 
And we never even got one lol. ​

Wednesday was cray cray y'all. The storms were so bad that we were put on lockdown and tornado watch. It was raining and flooding so hard that we didn't leave our apartment the whole entire day. When we are on put on lockdown we have to put helmets on. (but we only kept it on for like 1 minute.) We could have made good use of our time but instead I made a bucket list. #yolo

Also I bet you can guess what else we did this week. That is right! We went to ANOTHER festival!! WOOP. The Crawfish Festival in Breaux Bridge!
 Sad thing is they only played Zydeco Cajun music. And really we just want to listen to some apostate music y'feel. I tried frog legs for the first time! It's so gross. I don't know why them guys in Princess and the Frog were all excited to eat Tiana. Afterward, we went to Borden (which is like big biz here) and got icecream!

Spritual thing of the week:
We have been struggling with our branch. (only having the elders over, offending inactives and each other, not a lot of attendance, etc.) We decided to fast on Sunday for our branch. And let me tell ya, the Lord answers prayers. 
We got to church on Sunday and there were a lot of people there! Plus an inactive family we have been working with! One of them even bore her testimony. Then after church, we had 4 families come up and say they wanted us over this week! The church is so true! We were also able to be an answer to someone else's prayers and made a breakthrough with an investigator. The Lord doesn't forget us in our trials. 

Sister Kez


Monday, May 1, 2017

The One With Dave Chappelle And Beyonce

No, not the comedian sorry. A different Dave Chappelle (and probs even cooler)
So let me tell ya about Dave:
He is 70 years old
married to an Australian
loves to Zydeco dance (Creole dance)
has lived in Hawaii
is a navigator and has been all over the world
scuba'd the great barrier reef and has been to a secret waterfall in Hawaii
learned a Hawaiian hybrid of martial arts called Kajukenbo
is learning how to speak French Creole
a convert to the church
originally from California, and only lives in Louisiana cause it's fun.

He is the coolest person I have ever met. He took us to a small restaurant called, Pont Bridge. Where I tried gumbo for the first time. (its overrated.) and it had a live Cajun band. Also cool side note: Patrick Swayze has eaten there. Basically talking to Dave I figured my life out. I'm going to just travel and learn obscure fighting styles. Also, he told us to wait to get married instead of go to Breed-em Young University (Brigham Young University.)


So there tons of Bayou's in the New Iberia Parrish. And only God can make something so beautiful as this earth. But, the crazy culture of Louisiana has a different explanation. For the Bayou Teche (Teche=Snake) there is a legend as to how it came about. 
"Many years ago, in the days of the Tribe's strength, there was a huge and venomous snake. This snake was so large, and so long, that its size was not measured in feet, but in miles. (His head started in Morgan City all the way to Port Barre.)This enormous snake had been an enemy of the Chitimacha for many years, because of its  destruction to many of their ways of life. One day, the Chitimacha chief called together his warriors, and had them prepare themselves for a battle with their enemy. In those days, there were no guns that could be used to kill this snake. All they had were clubs and bows and arrows, with arrowheads made of large bones from the garfish. Of course, a snake over ten miles long could not be instantly killed. The warriors fought courageously to kill the enemy, but the snake fought just as hard to survive. As the beast turned and twisted in the last few days of a slow death, it broadened, curved and deepened the place wherein his huge body lay. The Bayou Teche is proof of the exact position into which this enemy placed himself when overcome by the Chitimacha warriors."
That is some crazy stuff. 
We do service in a place called, "Vermillionville." Which used to be the name of Lafayette. It is a small, living history park. They have tours and everyone dresses in old time period clothing. We go and teach children how to make rag dolls. It is actually really fun! Plus we get to tour for free! I bet you are still wondering about the Beyoncé part of the title, right? Get on with it Sister Kez, amiright?! Unfortunately, (especially for Sister Manuma her #1 fan) we did not meet Beyoncé. But Beyoncé is of the Broussard family, (big money) and her great grandparents home, is in Vermillionville and we walked through it. Probably as close to fame as I'll ever get. And I read a sign and it said that the people are Acadians, obviously, but people got lazy over time with saying it, and it turned into Cajuns. (Acadian, Acadjian, Acajian, Acajun, Cajun.) It blew my mind, y'all. 
We volunteered at another festival. YAY. This one is a lot more popular though. It is the Festival Internationale de Louisiane.  There were tons of international bands and food. Y'all should check out Red Baraat, they are the coolest band ever. Their description is even legit: "A high energy fusion of jazz, hip-hop beats, rock muscle, funky go-go, and scalding hot bhangia." I tried to buy a cd but they weren't selling any.
 Luckily, our shift ended at six and we left because later that night there was a shooting! One person was killed and three were injured. The funny thing about that is that it was our investigator's cousin who killed the man! Small world? 
Also on Sunday, we were put on Tornado Watch. The roads were flooded and the rain was pouring! We still went to church tho. The power was out for a while and we thought we were gonna have to do a pioneer sacrament. But the power turned back on like 5 minutes before church started.  
But missionary work isn't all fun and games.
Because we are so young. A lot of people don't take us very seriously. In a discussion with a lady she asked us if this was our first time. Sister Manuma and I looked at each other and we told her it was definitely not. She said that we just were so nervous. (But I had never felt more calm in my life.) and in the middle of bearing my testimony, she started laughing. She thought that we were too young to be that serious. It was really frustrating. 
But the best thing of the week:
We have an investigator named Veronica. She is the funniest person I've ever met, but she has lived a very hard life. Her and her husband, Phil, have had a lot of marital problems. She told us (which I don't think she should've) that she has tried to kill him multiple times lol. We visited her on Sunday and she told us the most amazing thing! Her husband has struggled with alcoholism. He just woke up on Friday and decided to go to a Rehabilitation center. He told her, "It's not fair that you keep trying for this marriage and I haven't been." She even offered him a beer and he said no. He told her he wants to be better! Because ever since she has been meeting with the nuns, (aka us lol) that he has seen a difference in her and her faith and she talks about God more. He has been going to bible study and when he gets out he wants to meet with the nuns too! and he wants to go to church! We have been praying for them so much! I have such a testimony that the Lord answers our prayers and that He listens to every one of his children's prayers. This is the work that I am supposed to be doing and I love it so much. 
Adios from the nun,

Sister Kezos