Friday, March 31, 2017

The One with My MTC Crib

 I've been in the MTC for a week now (holler) and I've already mastered it. Jk. That's totes not true. This week has been amazing week and a hard week, y'all. *We are not allowed to say you guys but we are allowed to say y'all. But speak your mission language I guess, #page8.* I've hardly had anytime to think. My district is the best district in the whole 🌏 and when we get together in heaven it's gonna be LIT. 

My companion is a-mah-zing and we actually knew each other before the MTC. We met on an FB page, "Many are called...but few are sisters" I commented on her post of her mission call and said we might be companions. And we talked that day until the empty sea (mtc). Divine inspiration y'all.

My roommates are also the best. They are going to Salt Lake. 

Classes are going good. I got the restoration down to 30 seconds and with no crying. Winninggggg. The thing I miss most about the outside world is music. I always either have fergalicious or bohemian rhapsody stuck in my head and so do the other sisters because of me. But we've figured out a way to make them more appropriate. 
      Listen up y'all, the church is true
      We want to teach some lessons to you
      Sister-mishious spirit-licious, make Satan go loco 
....hit it sister! All the time I turn around, elders gather round, always lookin at me up and down, looking at my tag! 

     Is this the real life? Or is this just fantasy?
     Caught in a landslide, no escape from the MTC
     Open your eyes. Look up to the skies and seeeee
     I'm just a sister, I know God loves me 
     Easy come easy go little high little low
     Anywhere the spirit goes, really really matters to me.

You're welcome. 
     Basically I'm back in high school. Except the food is slightly better and the boys actually hold doors open for you. I'm learning a ton and I'm on a spiritual high. But it's really hard. Girls cry all the time. You accidentally nap halfway through your 85736th prayer. Investigators can be super discouraging. But the church is true. And being a missionary is awesome. Also Mormon jokes can never be beat. 

When someone calls you something other than sister 

When your ID card doesn't work on the first try 

When an elder doesn't shake your hand

When you're companion leaves you

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  1. I AM FRIGGIN CRYING I am Loling so hard at the gif's rn