Sunday, May 14, 2017

The One With The InvestiGATORS

"How did they do it in High School Musical?" "They took it individually not with each other." "NO THEY DIDN'T" *Elder McCormies on the High School Musical jumping picture.

Weird things I ate this week:
*Crawfish Fettucine
*Tobasco Icecream
*Frog legs

After signing off last week, our district headed to Avery Island. Avery Island is home to the Tobasco factory...and a random Buddha statue. Anyways, Tobasco needs to chill cause they have everything: tobasco guitars, tobasco soda, if you can think it they had it. Also tobasco stinks. Like bad. 
But we were hooligans with the giant tobasco bottles #thugmormons

Then we went to the rest of Avery Island. AND I FINALLY SAW MY FIRST ALLIGATOR, #CRIKEY by the end, I saw like 5! Since we have an Aussie in our district, we had him be our tour guide. 
"They are just sitting in the water... uh, I don't really know that much about alligators." 
We hiked to the Buddha statue, Elder Cohen was singing Reflection of course. It seriously looked like we were in Japan. 
We tried like 80000X to take a jumping picture, (hence the quote at the top.) 
And we never even got one lol. ​

Wednesday was cray cray y'all. The storms were so bad that we were put on lockdown and tornado watch. It was raining and flooding so hard that we didn't leave our apartment the whole entire day. When we are on put on lockdown we have to put helmets on. (but we only kept it on for like 1 minute.) We could have made good use of our time but instead I made a bucket list. #yolo

Also I bet you can guess what else we did this week. That is right! We went to ANOTHER festival!! WOOP. The Crawfish Festival in Breaux Bridge!
 Sad thing is they only played Zydeco Cajun music. And really we just want to listen to some apostate music y'feel. I tried frog legs for the first time! It's so gross. I don't know why them guys in Princess and the Frog were all excited to eat Tiana. Afterward, we went to Borden (which is like big biz here) and got icecream!

Spritual thing of the week:
We have been struggling with our branch. (only having the elders over, offending inactives and each other, not a lot of attendance, etc.) We decided to fast on Sunday for our branch. And let me tell ya, the Lord answers prayers. 
We got to church on Sunday and there were a lot of people there! Plus an inactive family we have been working with! One of them even bore her testimony. Then after church, we had 4 families come up and say they wanted us over this week! The church is so true! We were also able to be an answer to someone else's prayers and made a breakthrough with an investigator. The Lord doesn't forget us in our trials. 

Sister Kez


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