Tuesday, July 25, 2017

The One With The Big Mess

Hey y'all! 

This has been the most crazy, wild, overwhelming couple weeks of my life! I'm sorry I haven't done anything the past couple weeks, it's because I was crying because my life is a mess. If you haven't heard, I was transferred. My trainer stayed in New Iberia and I was transferred to Baton Rouge. 
We spent the whole week telling everyone that she was leaving (because she was there for 6 months and I was there for 3) She had packed her bags and everything. They were by the door, she had said goodbye and had taken pictures with everyone... she was leaving for sure we thought. But that morning I got the call. I was leaving the next morning. I had to say goodbye to as many I could and pack my bags, because it never crossed our minds that I would leave, so I didn't even touch my stuff.
The next day we headed to the stake center an hour and a half away for transfers. Plus side, I got to see most of my MTC district! That was amazing! I met my new companion Sister Hurd! I love her so much! We found out that we were getting doubled in (they were taking both of the previous missionaries out and put us both in) so neither of us knew the area. They took out the Elders and put us in, so we got their phone, car, and their apartment. And they took the sisters out in Baton Rouge North and the sisters in the neighboring area, Prairieville. So we got doubled into 3 areas, which has never happened! To say I'm overwhelmed is an understatement. We got to the apartment and we basically cried. Elders are so disgusting y'all. We spent three days cleaning and 43 nerf guns, 2 sombreros, 15 trash bags, and 7 breakdowns later we were done. (who needs 43 nerf guns?!) And we live with two other sisters! Which is called a quadpan, so naturally we call it the squadpan. 

We have met quite a few investigators that are SOLID. The work is so awesome here in BR. And we have an investigator who is on date for baptism!
Surprise surprise we had to speak in ONE of our wards. That's right we have two wards we are over! I went from a small branch to the two biggest wards in Louisiana. Which means 6 hours of church #sos 
Then we had pday with all of the nerf guns. We had a war with the zone. (Not as cool as it sounds) 
Then we got stalked by some drunk dudes but I'm not going to get into that but the Lord protects! And I hit my 4 month mark! It's so crazy! And I sack raced Sister Uibel (of the squadpan) at the ward pioneer activity. And also our first counselor invented the Voodoo flavor of Zapps chips (if y'all know what those are) and that is the coolest thing ever. 

Missions are awesome and hard and overwhelming but WORTH IT!

Sister Kez

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